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onsdag 4 maj 2011

Money Map Report 'Trial Review'

Money Map Report 'Trial Review'

Our 3-word philosophy and 7-continent strategy

We “follow the money” wherever it’s being made so you’ll have feet on the ground in the key financial centers all around the world. This gives you access to our next set of investment successes like we’ve those that the readers who acted on our recommendations have been enjoying…
Posco for 48% profits, CNH Global for 109% profits, El Dorado Gold for 24% profits, ABB for 91% profits, Teck Resources for 65% profits, Kinder Morgan for 39% profits…

Now, you’ll have access to all our expert advice… all the recommendations… our best special reports and investment opportunities… and access to every pick in our portfolio.

In addition, we’ll send you The "Smart Drug" Breakthrough.

Learn about the small lab 35 miles north of Washington, D.C., where scientists have made a discovery – one that could save the lives of 7.6 million people a year!

Not the Salk vaccine… nor penicillin… nor even open-heart surgery can compare to the life-saving potential of this revolutionary new drug.

The breakthrough I’m talking about is a “smart” drug to treat cancer, made possible by the advances from the Human Genome Project.

Imagine for a moment, that you could flip a switch and turn your own cells into the strongest… meanest… tumor-killing machines in existence…

And that once turned on, your very own “warrior cells” would literally “seek” and then “destroy” the disease better than any known drug in existence.

The company that invented this new drug technology is small. It has a market cap just over $500 million.

We estimate that this small company’s stock price is poised to explode, perhaps starting in a matter of days and weeks.

It’s trading below $7 a share today. That means it’s cheap as can be – and with enough shares to go around.

But please know this… After the news breaks in the media, there will be no scraps left for the latecomer.

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