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torsdag 28 april 2011

Forex | Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Forex Broker

Forex | Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Forex Broker

InstaForex trading conditions are universal tools for funds management at Forex market. The main activity line of the international Forex broker InstaForex is rendering first-grade investment services aimed at speculative profit making from operating in the worldwide financial markets.

Today, InstaForex services are of a great interest for more than 300 000 Forex traders all over the world, among them there are beginners as well as professionals of Forex currency trading. Opening an account you get an access to Forex trading operations, CFD for NYSE shares and also to futures deals of Forex and commodity market

Best Forex Broker in Asia award within the frameworks of the World Finance Awards 2010
The expert group of one of the leading business publication in financial, economic and policy field - World Finance, consisting of the most prominent professionals in the financial sphere declared InstaForex Company as a winner in the award for the nomination Best Broker of Asia in 2010 on the following criteria:

- project's management
- the high level of competitive ability
- market leadership and geographic covering
- innovation and originality
- the confirmation of a constant development
- the level of transparency and quality control
- the high level of presence in the global network
- favorable reports in MSM

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