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tisdag 4 september 2012

Forex Striker


 A brand new and unique technology has been registered with the United
States Patent and Trademark Office..

A Technology so powerful that it generates 9214% on your deposit every
single year!

Yes this means $ 500 turn into over $46,000 .

And This is NOT a backtest but real results!

Can you Imagine what would happen with $1000

or even $ 10,000

Instead of letting a bank eat away your money with fees and inflation??

And It has been doing that for the past 7 year straight!

No trader and no copycat FX Ea could even come close to a performance
like this..

The Developers are 8 guys from Europes leading nations in technology
research coming form different fields such as:

D.N.A. Research
Multi Thread Processing
Artificial Intelligence

What started as a hobby became quickly a challenge.. and as soon as
they realized how powerful this code is they filed for patent. And Got
it granted!

You have to see for yourself what this "robot" can do because it is
simply astounding!

You will be impressed. But make sure you are QUICK !!

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