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onsdag 18 januari 2012

The Ultimate Trading Plan | Adrian Manz | Market Authority

The Ultimate Trading Plan| Market Authority:

Ask me your toughest question about day trading!

I’ll give the TOP THREE questions a FREE, 90-day subscription to my DAILY trading service.

This daily VIP service actually identifies the stocks I believe you should trade the next day and gives you the precise entry points, target prices and exit points.

"Excellent presentation. Very easy to understand. I think that the way the stock market is manipulated that day trading will be about the only way to take profits from the insiders who rule this market. I have traded all types of financial instruments while learning how to trade and your worst enemy is not having a plan and not pairing your losses. No plan is flawless but you have to have a plan. Question: How long will it take the average investor to learn your system and will we be shown the logic for each trading decision or just take what you or the software give us? Thanks, Daryl Didier."

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