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lördag 1 oktober 2011

BestDirect - new social forex


BESTDirect is a 100% free online trading platform that is offered with your account. In addition to its many other features, this trading platform comes equipped with exceptional customer service to help traders with any questions. Along with the live platform being free, a free trial and simulated account for the platform is also offered. A demo trading account allows traders to become familiar with the application and practice trading to hone their skills.

The BESTDirect free online trading platform offers several options for placing your Futures, Forex or Options trades. The all-in-one window allows traders to view positions, get quotes, place a trade and see all orders. The BESTDirect free online trading platform also offers DOM style trading along with the ability to place OCO orders from Strategy DOM.

The BESTDirect free online trading platform offers real-time charting and quotes. Traders can create their own list of preferred quotes through the customizable Quote window as well as get quotes on almost all order entry windows.

The BESTDirect free online trading platform gives traders the ability to manage trades from numerous windows throughout the trading platform. BESTDirect Classic offers the ability to see all orders and manage them using a simple right click of the mouse.

The BESTDirect free online trading platform gives traders the option to customize it's layout to best fit unique trading needs. The trading platform has multiple pages that allow traders to created different workspaces for different products, trading windows, charts or any criteria you demand.

The BESTDirect free online trading platform offers a wide variety of markets to trade. It offers the main US exchanges, Eurex, ICE and Forex products as well. It also offers the ability to trade some international markets.

And here is your Support: Nat! The Best part.

"Are you wondering who I am and wtf I have to do with trading - well, here's the skinny. My name is Diva and I'm here to make all your dreams come true. HA - whatever sucker. I'm actually here to brag about my life as a trader and help you become more familiar with BESTDirect. So, get off your rump, get on Facebook and give me a shout. You never know what tips, taps, rants or raves I'll get myself into. I better see you there!!"

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