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fredag 4 februari 2011

Forex Rebate System From InstaRebate

Forex Rebate System From InstaRebate

Why earn with InstaRebate?

InstaRebate service gives the highest bonus in amount of 1 point from each completed transaction regardless of whether it is profitable or not. InstaRebate guarantees the charging of funds directly to client's trading account by the end of the day. In other words, you trade during the day and at the next day the bonus in amount of 1 point for each resulting deal (with at least 1 point profit/loss) is deposited to your account. Moreover, InstaRebate is a modern and available support service, as well as it guarantees the quality and timely payment of bonuses.
InstaRebate is the service of the international on-line Forex broker InstaForex, which is one of the market leaders. Besides, in 2009 InstaForex Company was acknowledged as Best broker in Asia by the established British magazine World Finance.
Nowadays more than 20000 individuals and corporate customers are InstaForex clients. Regardless of deposit size every client gets qualitative service, up-to-date technical and consulting assistance. The full spectrum of services is provided to the client immediately after account opening.
Instaforex clients get access to the leading information technologies and high-quality goods of such famous companies like MetaQuotes Software (developer of the most famous trading platform), DowJones NewsWires (Forex and Stocks News) , Reuters, e-Signal and other news agencies. An access to the wide spectrum is achieved by one trading account, opened with the company via Internet.
InstaForex team does all the best in order every client feels high level of services and assistance. We suggest you to become a part of traders’ community with InstaForex. Start your trading way right now!
The international on-line Forex broker InstaForex is a member of the group of companies InstaForex, which in its turn unites the investment companies all over the world. Since 2007 InstaForex provides the services of the on-line trading to clients from all parts of the world. Today the Company’s clients are more than 140 thousand traders from more than 50 countries. Daily more than 400 traders open their accounts with the Company, investing their funds to currency and stock markets.
InstaForex team everyday strives for each client to feel the highest level of services, connected with the investment activity at financial markets. InstaForex invites to become a part of traders’ community and start your way right now!
Why choose InstaRebate?
- The obtaining of daily bonus in view of 1 point from each resulting deal. Regardless of whether you receive the profit or not.
- The highest reward level among all rebate-projects.
- Automatic remittance of 1 point to your account from each deal daily.
- Usability: register and gain fixed profit from your deals.

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