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fredag 14 januari 2011

Net Penny Stocks

Net Penny Stocks

Discover the secrets of Trade-in or AutoInvest system that has made BILLIONS of Dollars for 1000's of people worldwide Best part about it all, our system will continue to make Billions of Dollars for.the rest of!
You can Trade-in or AutoInvest at just 1¢ each & you are guaranteed to EARN US $500 to $5,000 weekly! NetPennyStocks, Inc. signature dollar-cost averaging tool makes Automated Buying & Selling of Shares, Stocks & Indices a 'breeze'... at a fractional share cost. Surprisingly At - No Cost!
This is unbelievable 'Virtual Stocks - Free Credits'! Cost you almost nothing to invest & get paid in REAL MONEY - is simply amazing!

FREE Sign-Up!
No Fees, No subscriptions or . . . Commissions To Pay!
Buying Stocks at fractional cost. is a 'breeze'... as low as 1¢ each.
2,958% Guaranteed!
Sit back & wait for your profits,
they will come very quick!!!
Trading Never This Easy...

What 'You Don't' in order to 'Earn Money Trading Forex, Stocks & Indices!'
YOU DON'T have to study investing for endless hours. Professionals will handle everything for you so you don't have to worry.
YOU DON'T have to watch the stock market. 75% of our members area have nothing to do with stock at all.
YOU DON'T need to have a stock portfolio, although we strongly advise that you keep a record of all your profits.

AutoInvest 100% Guaranteed Returns!
Invest with our FREE Credits!
Keep your money safe!You are in for the world’s best, secure, online direct pay, lowest invest amount ($1.95) with highest returns of US$ 101,970.75 … . an incredible 6M% GAIN over your investments is the world’s highest paid investment opportunity... Today!

Net Penny Stocks - Invest & Returns Portfolio
1 Invest – Cost $ 1.95 : You Earn US$ 101,970.75
5 Invest – Cost $ 9.75 : You Earn US$ 509,853.75
15 invest – Cost $ 29.25 : You Earn US$ 1,529,561.75
unlimited investments opportunity*
We highly recommend that you make a minimum of 5 to 125 investments which will ensure 100% steady flow of funds $500 to $5,000 weekly! Paid directly to your PayPal, AlertPay, StrictPay, AnyWay a/c’s INVEST TODAY!

Q. NetPennyStocks - is it some kind of HYIP or FOREX / STOCKS Trading site?
A. Absolutely NOT! This is neither a Trading nor a HYIP site. Though we term it as a Virtual Stocks, that is the moment you invest you lock in your
position into our 3x12 matrix to earn residual income through our continually growing downline of ongoing investors.

Q. What are 'Virtual Shares' & why your site looks like a Trading webpage anyway?
A. We all have burned our fingers trading Forex & Stocks, or simply put, it's just 'Greek' for most of us though, hence we decided to have Virtual
Shares feels like a trading site, yet incorporating a powerful 3x12 matrix into our system.

Q. When & How do I get Paid?
A. The system makes automated payout every week (Sunday/ Monday) directly to your MyWallet which funds you can further utilize for
investments or you can request withdrawal which will be paid within 15 days or less directly to your AlertPay or respective account.

Q. Can I get my Membership or Invest Amounts Refund at anytime?
A. NO! Refunds are never issued for this opportunity. Once you have paid your invest amount, it is actually paid to your upline. Hence we
have no way to get that payment back.

Q. How do I really Start To Earn!
A. We strongly recommend you to make 25-125 Solo/Multi plus Bulk Investments as these are special investment opportunity that locks
'Top Position' in our Total Matrix and since we have members / investors who are continuously making Bulk Investments, will eventually
keep filling the ‘Total Matrix’, which by & large does not require a referral or promotion as such.

The basic advantage having continued Multi & Bulk Investments in all reality, opens up a great potential to increasing your
returns as every investments pays, & when clubbed together gives you a Bigger Payout Every Week!

However, please visit your 'SUCCESS' page for further direction on your invest portfolio and our fully Automated Advertising, eMail and
Instant Messaging System to motivate & encourage your downline to invest.

Q. How do I add more members to my downline.
A. We have seen some good results with the some suggested advertising & surf sites listed below:
Manuel Surf is an another great & a very effective way to advertised.
1. Clix Sense 2. Fast Free Way 3. AdPack 4. AutoHits 5. Ad2TheWorld
Make Google search for new surf sites to advertise.

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