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lördag 4 december 2010

Russian Oil Fund

Russian Oil Fund

Welcome to Russian Oil Fund (ROF). ROF provides foreign investment accessibility to Russia's vast petroleum reserves.
Russia is the worlds second largest producer of crude oil after Saudi Arabia and one of the worlds top oil exporters. With the fall of communism and the rapid privatization of Russia's oil industry, it has evolved into a reasonably well defined sector. It is an infant in its definition of well defined, but is valuable for its potential. The formation of new laws with a Western state of mind by the Russian government has increased Russian oil's potential in the world. Russian Oil Fund (ROF) is a player in seeing Russia to its democratic and economic potential.

Russian Oil Fund Investment Plans:

Level 1 2,0% daily min$10 max$1999 90days p-ret.
Level 2 2,3% daily min$2000 max$3499 90days p-ret.
Level 3 2,6% daily min$3500 max$4999 90days p-ret.
Level 4 2,9% daily min$5000 max$5000+ 90days p-ret.

Payments Monday through Friday

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