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lördag 18 december 2010

LionFunds. Invest with confidence. Earn up to 3.3% daily.

LionFunds. Invest with confidence. Earn up to 3.3% daily.

LION FUNDS is an investment company officially registered in Dominica and successfully providing financial services to investors worldwide since 2003. All financial operations are held in the fields of stocks, bonds, hedge funds and private placements. We don’t trade on Forex markets. All investments are managed by a group of highly experienced certified financial professionals. We have developed close contacts with many large financial institutions and private investors throughout Europe USA and Asia region.

Our Main Benefits
No Forex Traders.
7 years experience in investment field.
A team of professional traders, financial experts and traders .
We are a real, legally registered company with full contact info.
Over 29,000 investors world-wide have already joined us and invested over $30.3 million.
We will not vanish after you invest even $100,000.00 unlike most other HYIPs.
Investing with us you will reach desired wealth.
Thousands of people all over the world have obtained financial freedom with us. Some of them have even given up their jobs - we are their source of income.

$10 - $1 000(LF1)1.3% Daily
$1 001 - $5 000(LF2)1.5% Daily
$5 001 - $20 000(LF3)1.8% Daily
$20 001 - $50 000(LF4)2.2% Daily
$50 001 - $100 000(LF5)2.7% Daily
Over $100 000(VIP)3.3% for Daily
Investment term is 180 trading days for all investment plans offered. Initial deposit and compounded profits will be returned after plan expiration. Pre-term contract cancellation is available.


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