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tisdag 14 december 2010

Forex Profit Multiplier is LIVE! | Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Multiplier is LIVE! | Forex Profit Multiplier

YES Sign me up ASAP, Bill! I'm ready to become an independent trader as a charter student of the Forex Profit Multiplier!

By ordering the Forex Profit Multiplier, I agree that:

I am a serious trader and will put forth my best effort to learn and study the Forex Profit Multiplier.

The entire Forex Profit Multiplier course will be rushed to my doorstep, and I will get to immediately download the Trade Alert software, which I have unlimited access to for one full year. If you'd like to continue with the Trade Alert software after a year, you will be "grandfathered" in at only $197/month, that's 60% off the retail $497/mo price. Don't worry, you will NOT be automatically billed in one year. We'll send you a reminder email asking if you'd like to continue, so you can order safely knowing there are no hidden charges.

The Forex Profit Multiplier is copyrighted intellectual capital and I am prohibited by law from copying, distributing or sharing this information with others.

I have 60 days to review the Forex Profit Multiplier from my purchase date and I may return it for a full refund of my purchase price (not including shipping & handling) as long as I show you at least 2 weeks of trades showing that I gave it a fair shot. Demo or live accounts are fine, and I don't need to make money, lose money, nor even trade 2 weeks in a row. As long as I contact you with this information to obtain a return merchandise authorization number first and then return the course in like-new, unmarked condition, I'll get a full refund.

The trade alert software is not required to place trades because I will learn everything I need to know in the home study course. Also, the trade alert software must be running in order to receive trade alerts.

If I select the 3-payment option, I agree to make all three payments in full and to keep my billing information current.

If my order is being shipped outside the United States, I am responsible for any customs or duty fees.

I have read all legal disclaimers and understand that no guarantee of profit or freedom from loss has been made.

This Offer will close on 12/16/10 !

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